Windows 10 Technical Version Review - 2014

Windows 10 Technical Version Review

After the failure of Windows 8 followed by the popularity of Windows 8, Microsoft reviewed all the negatives of Windows 8 and launched Windows 10 in order to overcome the faults of  the previous version Windows 8.1, it is just a sample version of Windows 10 to view its success rate. Windows
10 is an extended verison of the combination of Windows XP and Windows 8 i.e, the Start Menu button of Windows 7 and the menu has not appeared in the Windows 8 and this is why Windows 10 has re launched the Start Menu button.

 Comparted to Windows 8, Windows 10 seems to be more user friendly by the set up of Virtual Desktops. The Command Prompt instruction has been directed in the menu bar it self. Windows 10 is made more flexible to the Touch Screen users. 

Windows 10 Technical Version Review