CHIP Magazine India - Indian Information Technology Magazine

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Language :English
Genre : Tech
Mag Published : Monthly
Publisher:Infomedia 18
Location : Mumbai
Established Year : March 1998
Managing Editor : Surajit Agarwal
Deputy Editor : Jamshed Avari
Deputy Editor - Technical : Anand Tuliani
Website :

CHIP India 

Intelligent Computing CHIP in short IC Chip is an indian IT magazine which is available in English.
CHIP is the Indian edition of the German monthly magazine, which is a registered trademark of Vogel Burda Holding Inc.CHIP is a magazine that simplifies technology for you. The magazine is mostly read by the age group of 22 to 38.The main branch of CHIP India is located at Mumbai.And the sub branches in India are Bangalore,Chennai,Hyderabad and New Delhi.CHIP is published in 22 countries across the globe.

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