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Civil Services Times

Languages : English,Hindi
Genre : Career/Education
Mag Published :
Founder/Publisher :
Vivek S. Raj
Location : New Delhi
Website :

Civil Services Times is an indian News Magazine registered under the Registrar of Newspapers for India under Government of India (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) with the RNI Number 62339/95.The magazine is mainly based on the information from various reliable sources which included the Government Departments/Ministries and Press Information Bureau and to provide them before everybody to not only at their awareness level but also to imbibe a sense of analysis for their in-depth understanding.

This news magazine believes in impartial orientation towards facts and events with impeccable and immaculate approach. It is guided and directed towards creating a sense of clairvoyance and a sensitive aptitude towards all the relevant developments related to national, international, foreign policy, science and technology and economic issues.Vivek S. Raj is the Founder & Publisher of Civil Services Times.The head office of Civil Services Times is located at New Delhi,India.
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