25 Best Tips for a Healthy Heart

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Being healthy is very important in our life because "Health is Wealth".

25 Tips for a Healthy Heart

1. Eat more of grains, vegetables, beans, greens, fruits, seeds, fish& Yogurt.
2. Drink Less Milk and Eat less chesse and nuts
3. Eat regular meals
4. Drink water throughout the day
5. Exercise regularly.
6. Switch from Coffee to Tea
7. Add Garlic to your receips
8. Do housework- take it as an exra change to exercise
9. Take the stairs instead of an elevator or easculator.
10. Healthy weight should be maintained
11. Beta- Carotene rich foods like carrot, cabbage, sweat potatoes and dark leafy greens.
12. Reduce sodium intake to no more than 1 ¼ teaspoons of salt per day.
13. Quit Smoking
14. Avoid Alcohol
15. Blood Pressure should be monitored
16. Laughter is a good medicine
17. Sleep Adequately
18. Cholesterol should be monitored
19. Medical checkups should be done regularly
20. Control Diabetes
21. Work Schedule must be regular to avoid stress,
22. Practice stress reduction techniques such as yoga, deep-breathing and meditation.
23. Family history of cardiovascular diseases should be known.
24. Love, Give it & Receive It.
25. Medication prescribed by doctor should be taken.
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